Winter Care for Boxers

Winter Care for Boxers

Winter is in full swing and if you live where the temperatures drop its time to make sure that your boxer is taken care of even with the temperatures dropping. While a chilly day here or there won’t affect your boxer, weeks and months of cold weather can. You may notice a change in their fur, paws, and nose. Your boxer may also become restless having to be inside more than there used to due to the colder weather.

Though the weather outside may affect your boxer it’s also important to keep in mind the humidity in the house can affect them as well. Often times your dogs’ skin can become dryer than normal causing them to itch more frequently or lick themselves obsessively. Aside from their skin, high humidity levels can cause breathing issues in boxers as the warm air dries out them out and can cause dry scratchy throats. To combat this, owners often run a humidifier in the areas that their boxer frequents the most. Its recommended that if you can’t run a humidifier all the time to run one at night while your boxer sleeps.

Boxers aren’t a breed that typically enjoys the colder weather. This makes taking your boxer out in the winter a much harder task. To help your boxer during the winter getting them a sweater or something warm when they go outside can make them feel more comfortable. Do the best you can to let your boxer run off energy while outside, bundle up and play in the snow with them for a while to help them release some of their high energy.

If you notice a decrease in appetite from your boxer during the winter months this can be normal as they may not be getting as much exercise as they are used to. This isn’t a huge cause for concern as your boxer is just self-regulating their body to accommodate their food supply based on their activities.

During the winter months, it’s important to take care of your boxer’s nose and paws with special care. To protect their paws, you can apply paw wax to add a barrier to their paws from the snow. For their noses, you’ll want to prevent their noses from chapping or cracking. The key is to keep their nose hydrated with nose balm so that they don’t dry out.

Prevention is key, take these steps to ensure that your boxer has the most pleasant experience during the winter months.