Shedding! Is This Normal?

Everything you need to know about shedding.

As far as shedding fur goes, the Boxer breed is considered to be a “moderate” shedder. However, like with every animal that wears a coat, you will notice more shedding at certain times of the year. It really all depends on the climate in which you live and the number of daylight hours we receive. So, when winter is coming on, and the days become shorter you will notice an increase in shedding because your boxer is growing a thicker coat to fend off the colder temps. And again, when the days become longer as summer approaches, you will notice more shedding because he is growing in a lighter coat to help regulate his body temperature in those “dog days of summer”.

You will also notice more shedding when you bathe your boxer, for the same reason that we do when we wash our hair. As you work him into a lather the water and shampoo work to break up the natural oils and let the old fur-free. You can reduce the amount of fur left behind from a bath if you brush his fur beforehand.  By brushing your pup often (about every 3-5 days) and for about 5-10 minutes at a time you will have a pretty good handle on the amount of fur you will have to sweep up from the floor and clean out of your drain.  

We think the following products are great for grooming your boxer:

  • KONG ZoomGroom- this is a small soft rubber tool that can not only be used to brush but also is effective as a scrub-brush during bath time.
  • Brushing Mitt- This easy to use tool slips right over your hand, (so it’s great for young kids who want to help) and it allows you to cover the entire body and the added bonus is that your Boxer will feel more like he is being petted than brushed!
  • De-shedding tool- this is a must-have for getting down deep into the coat to get those loose hairs worked up and out

When brushing your precious pet be sure to pay attention to all areas. Most people focus too much on the back and forget about the belly, the legs, even the tail. So be thorough, brush her from tip to tail!

There are also special times in a dog’s life when shedding may increase:

  • When your puppy is growing her adult coat
  • When a female has given birth to her litter
  • When a female is in heat (or right after the cycle ends)

If you are concerned about the amount of fur your Boxer is shedding, we recommend talking to your vet to be sure there are no health issues.