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Caring for your puppy's paws

Spring will be here before we know it! As our ground is thawing out we are often left with a mushy, wet, muddy, mess, at least until we get enough sunshine to start the “drying” process. And you know puppies can not resist romping around in the warmer climate! Who can blame them? Admit it, if you could romp around without strange looks from the neighbors you would too! Everyone gets a little cabin fever this time of year and is ready to have some fun.

But it’s all fun and games until they get in the door. Then we have a mess to deal with. We thought we’d put together a few tips to help you with this process. Here are some frequently asked questions from new (and old) pet owners.

Is it safe to wash my dogs paws every day? If you are using a wipe or towelette labeled as gentle it should be okay, just be conscious of any dryness or cracking that may occur. If they are extra muddy it is ok to use a dab of gentle dog soap on a washcloth and be sure to wipe it off thoroughly

Is it safe to use baby wipes on my dogs paws? To wipe your dog's paws, use plain warm water and some apple cider vinegar, or wipes formulated for dogs. Read the label on the dog wipes. Some ingredients used in wipes are not safe for dogs and can be harmful if ingested — even ingredients in baby wipes!

How do I keep my dogs paws from smelling?  Be sure when bathing that you check between the pads to ensure it is clean as well, also check for cuts to be sure there is not an infection taking place. To help reduce odor you can try running enough water in the tub to cover your dogs paws and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Give them a good cleaning and dry them thoroughly.

How do I moisturize my dog’s pads?  Pads do crack and bleed if they get too dry. Don't use human lotion on the dogs' pads, it may soften pads too much and lead to more issues. Instead look into pad moisturizers specifically designed for a dog's dried out paws.

We hope this helps you to enjoy your Boxer to the fullest!