Nick M. (12)

Boxer Dental Care

Bringing your new boxer puppy home is always a fun and exciting time for the whole family. When your new puppy comes home it’s often scary to think about all the stuff that comes with having a new puppy. One thing many owners often don’t think of is dental health for their new puppy. It’s important to keep up with your boxer’s dental health so that your boxer doesn’t develop several serious health problems such as bacterial infections, abscess teeth, kidney damage or joint problems.
As your puppy grows their needs for dental health will change as the boxer grows from a puppy into a full-grown dog. When your puppy is born, they have no teeth that have erupted through their gums yet. By six weeks your puppy has most of the milk his teeth. After that, the boxer will begin teething this is when the milk teeth begin to fall out and his permanent teeth being to come in. During this time is when dogs often begin to chew on things and it is a good idea to keep bones around for them to chew and play with to help their new teeth come through and over some relief from the pain and itchy the new teeth are causing them.
Most people think that either bone clean a dog’s teeth or they clean their teeth themselves however this is not the case. It’s important to get your boxer on a schedule of when you’ll brush their teeth and it should be done daily in order to keep your boxer’s teeth and gums strong and healthy. When beginning to brush your boxer’s teeth it is important to remember a few key things. Never use human toothpaste, there are many kinds of toothpaste designed specifically for your boxer. The sooner you start this habit with your boxer even from a puppy the easier and more efficient it will be and your boxer will become more and more used to it, have patience as this will take some time for your dog to get used to this process.
Though it may be rough at first don’t give up, with time your boxer will get used to this process. To ensure you’re boxer has the best oral care it’s important to care for their teeth and gums properly even though your boxer may not enjoy having their teeth brushed, the time will come where it’s not so much of a chore but rather routine for your new boxer.