Debunking common myths

Summer is in full swing here in Ohio and I am sure your new Boxer Puppy is enjoying playing outside. Now that the rain is subsiding, and the sun is shining we have beautiful green grass for your Boxer puppy to roll around and even take a nap in. Have you noticed them eating the grass too? Some dogs do this more than others, and Boxer puppies are no different. So, let’s see what we can learn about this peculiar habit.

To Induce Vomiting: This is a popular idea that people have. Interestingly enough in 2008, the University of California did a study on this and their findings didn’t necessarily prove the idea to be true. They found that only 8% of the dogs showed signs of being ill prior to eating it, as well as vomiting after ingesting it. So, it is safe to say that this may be true in only a small percentage of dogs.

It’s Nutritious: another common thought people have is that their Boxer puppy has a nutrient deficiency.  Well, this sort of contradicts the first theory, because if the pup is seeking nutrition, they wouldn’t eat something that would make them throw up. Also, the grass is not nutrient-dense. So, let’s just put this idea to bed. 

What we do know is that if the food you are feeding your Boxer puppy is not nutrient-dense than they will still feel hungry. It is no different than you eating potato chips for dinner, it may fill you up initially, but you will feel empty before long because there is not enough nutrition for your body to work with. So, he may be hungry even after cleaning his bowl, and therefore he will munch on what is available to fill that void. Another reason could be boredom. Boxer Puppies need quite a bit of stimulation. If there are no toys to play with, and no one to interact with, he may just nibble at the grass for something to do. Have you ever found yourself eating out of boredom? This also plays into your pup’s curiosity, he may just want to know what that soft, glistening grass bending under the wind’s direction is all about.

As always, we want to make sure you are keeping your Boxer puppy safe. Never allow your Boxer to eat grass that has been treated with chemicals. If you are in a wooded area be sure to check your dog for ticks and bug bites before your leave and treat them accordingly. If you feel your pup has an unhealthy habit of eating grass, and you have already implemented good play habits and ideas for keeping him busy, as well as a nutrient-dense food, talk to your Vet to see if it is something to worry about.