The origins of the Boxer Breed

The Boxer breed originated in Germany in the 19th century. It’s thought
to be a descendant of the extinct Bullenbeisser with breed mixtures of
Mastiff, Bulldog, and Great Danes. The first notable Boxer pup was in
Munich in 1895. The breeders came up with a guide for future breeding
and took the Boxer puppy to a local dog show to share with the world
their creation.

Originally, the Boxer breed’s purpose was a bull-baiting dog or
controlling cattle at the slaughterhouses. Most breed historians agree
that the name “Boxer” comes from the German word “boxl.” Others say the
name Boxer came from the distinct way Boxer puppies play with their
forepaws, almost as if they were boxing!

Boxers played a part in World War 1. They were used to carry packs,
attack dogs, and to carry important messages. Both Germany and France
utilized the Boxer breed during the war.

Boxers came to the United States shortly after World War 1. After a few
decades, they quickly became one of the most popular breeds in America.
Many soldiers returning from Germany after World War 2 brought home
Boxers. They’ve been considered a working dog. In fact, they were one of
the first breeds to be used as a police dog and a sightseeing dog. They
became one of the most popular breeds due to being a great guard dog
but also having the ability to show family-friendly behavior.