How Should I care for My Dogs Teeth?

Dogs teeth are obviously an especially important part of their body, and while dogs might have tough mouths, even they can get toothaches and cavities. There are several amazingly simple actions that you can take to keep your dog’s mouth healthy! One of the big ones is brushing! Just like our teeth, dogs’ teeth need to be cleaned regularly. Some dogs hate this, a good way to ease them into tooth brushing is by having them sit still while you trim their nails or brush their fur, and slowly but surely start brushing more as time goes on. However, make sure the toothpaste you purchase for your dog is formulated for dogs; human toothpaste can be toxic to animals. An alternative if you need to clean your dog’s teeth quickly can be dental wipes. Outside of manually cleaning your dog’s teeth for them there must be some way that your dog can clean them on their own right? Correct! Dogs love to chew, we all know this, so, use that!  Buy your dogs plenty of dental chew sticks which can help prevent all sorts of dental issues, also just plain chewing on anything is healthy for your dog’s teeth, toys, rawhide, bones, all sorts of things can be used for chew toys! And lastly, if you are willing to pay, you can always take your dog to a professional groomer, most all animal groomers offer teeth cleaning services.