History of Boxers

Often when looking to add a new puppy to the family it’s interesting to find out the history of the breed. Boxers are an interesting breed, highly intelligent and smart dogs that are extremely loyal. When it comes to breeds that are good in families Boxers are a great choice for any family.

Boxers are a German breed that are cousins to most types of bulldogs, their ancient ancestors are believed to be bred for fighting dogs in Tibet. Intentionally boxers were bred to be dogs that work, hunt and protect. Boxers were used in both World Wars to carry supplies, ammunition and messages. When the war was over some of the soldiers brought some of these dogs home where the breed began to gain popularity. Since this time boxers have become an extremely recognizable breed and have gained popularity as being great family dogs as they protect and guard while still providing love and affection.

Though many facts about this breed are not well known one this is for sure these dogs make excellent additions to any family. Boxers have always been loyal and protective, these dogs have been protecting and loyal for years and would make a great family pet.