Gift ideas for your Boxer!

Christmas approaching? Your Boxer’s birthday a week away? Want a surprise gift for your favorite canine companion? Look no further! Here are some gift ideas for your furry friend.

A Smart Bone Toy produced by Wickedbone is a cool toy that works like a
robot dog toy. It can hop and jump away from your Boxer. It has twelve different responsive modes (bored, tickled, mad) and can change day-to-day with your Boxer’s mood. You can find one on Amazon!

A Squeaky Chew Ball available on is a fun play toy that has smells your Boxer would love! Scents include beef, chicken, and sweet potato just to name a few.

Did you just get a Boxer puppy? Are you crate training him? Look into A Crate Treat! It’s a unique tool that can be placed between the mesh of the crate. You can freeze it, cover it in peanut butter, or even squeeze treats inside the hole! You can get one at

A Plush Puzzle is a gift for the whole family’s enjoyment! It’s a game of hide and seek that you stuff little dinosaurs into a volcano and your Boxer will have to pull them out! It comes with a volcano and six dinosaurs! This can be purchased on

The last one is an all-around great gift. It’s a Goody Box! It comes with a leash, a poop bag dispenser, shampoo, two toys, and a bag of treats! This could also be a great gift idea for the neighbor’s new Boxer! We all know once one neighbor gets a Boxer on the street, everyone is going to get one! Why not be prepared when it happens? The Goody Box can be purchased on