Characteristics of Boxers


Characteristics of Boxers

Trying to decide whether a boxer puppy is right for you? Let us help! Boxer puppies are very intelligent, loyal animals. Boxers are also very social and tend to not do well when left home alone for long periods of time.

Boxers tend to weigh about 65-80lbs for male boxers and for female boxers anywhere from 50-65lbs. Same when it comes to heights females tend to be slightly smaller than the male boxers.  Boxers come in a variety of different colorings and, but the fawn color is the most commonly known color for boxers. Often boxers don’t bark much but they do drool often. They’re very attention seeking dogs and require lots of social time with their owners.

Boxers require lots of attention and compassion. They also need exercise, or it can lead to bad behaviors that can be destructive to your home. The life expectancy of this breed is around 10 years, some live longer and some live shorter it just depends on the dog, but the general life expectancy is 10 years.

Although this dogs love to be social, they don’t however enjoy strangers. They are extremely protective over their owners and their families and can get fierce when it comes to other people being around their owners.

Something to in mind is that boxers are intolerant of hot weather. They require special care to make sure that they don’t overheat. They also don’t handle the extremely cold weather well as they have very short coats. They’re coats are very easy to take care and will be shiny and bright as long as they have a good diet, have occasional baths and are brushed sometimes.

Boxer puppies are a great addition to any family providing a loving dog that will protect your family. Boxers make good guard dogs that are still lovable and desire attention from their owners. They can be hyper but with the proper exercise they can be amazing pets for years to come.