What to know before adding another Boxer Puppy to your family.

Have you seen some cute Boxer puppies for sale but you already have a dog at home?

You may imagine that they will simply be the best of friends when you bring the new puppy home, but there are things to consider. In most cases, the Boxer breed gets along fantastically with other dogs. With that being said, sometimes it can take a while for both dogs to settle into the new customs and arrangements with each other. A new dog can cause a hierarchy issue based on the natural instincts to know their place in the pack.

The first thing that must be done is you must establish that you are the leader or Alpha and the dog is Beta. Usually the older dog will try to become the Alpha dog, but take notice when they are playing. Is one more outgoing or pushy over the other one? Which dog runs to their food first?

It is important to remember that the dog that isn’t the Alpha dog is just as important and loved as the other dog. Not being the Alpha dog isn’t a negative thing for them. It will help them be less stressed and happier knowing their place.

When you see those cute Boxer puppies for sale, see which ones in the litter have a better temperament with their littermates for each other and see if one would be a better fit for your existing lovable companion.