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Archive for April 2019

House Training Your Pup

Step by Step Instructions for Success So many times, a family brings their new member home with great hopes, only to be disappointed by the problems that can occur from improper house training. How many times have you seen a family with a new pet, and a few months down the road you hear they…

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Shedding! Is This Normal?

Everything you need to know about shedding. As far as shedding fur goes, the Boxer breed is considered to be a “moderate” shedder. However, like with every animal that wears a coat, you will notice more shedding at certain times of the year. It really all depends on the climate in which you live and…

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What NOT to Feed Your Boxer!

Facts you need to know to Keep Your Boxer Healthy! What NOT to Feed Your Boxer! One of the hardest things to do is to say no when your sweet baby is looking at you, begging for just a bite, with that adorable boxer face!  It is true that dogs can survive on a diet…

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Giving Your Puppy a Bath

Giving Your Puppy a Bath If you are a new puppy parent, these tips might help you be prepared in bathing your new family member. Keep in mind; don’t wash your puppy before they are eight weeks old (try to wait until 12 weeks if you can). Also, it is best to bathe them about…

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