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Archive for November 2018

History of Boxers

History of Boxers Often when looking to add a new puppy to the family it’s interesting to find out the history of the breed. Boxers are an interesting breed, highly intelligent and smart dogs that are extremely loyal. When it comes to breeds that are good in families Boxers are a great choice for any…

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Why Boxer Puppies Are Good For Families

Why Boxer Puppies Are Good For Families Boxer puppies make a great addition to any family for several reasons. If you are looking for the perfect pet to add to your family, boxers are a great choice. Boxers are overly affectionate dogs as well as intelligent animals and very sweet and loyal. Boxers are often…

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Characteristics of Boxers

Characteristics of Boxers Trying to decide whether a boxer puppy is right for you? Let us help! Boxer puppies are very intelligent, loyal animals. Boxers are also very social and tend to not do well when left home alone for long periods of time. Boxers tend to weigh about 65-80lbs for male boxers and for…

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